Preserve, expand, renew. LA MAISON hotel symbolises high-quality architecture and local appreciation. A warm-hearted attitude and genuine passion. With personal commitment – that’s how the former higher administrative court became LA MAISON hotel. As a homage to Saarlouis, a communication venue for locals and travellers. A lift for the face of the town, a compliment to the region. We meet you with an open-minded attitude. Accompanied by 4 stars and high standards: Quality is the compulsory section of our discipline. The free section is our individuality. Our hospitality is the beginning of it. Your feeling at home is the result. We cook for you with a passion for enjoyment and indulgence. And in doing so we take pleasure in perfect craftsmanship and always work with keen perception while putting our heart and souls into what we do. Welcome to LA MAISON hotel

Günter Wagner
Managing Director